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Indepependent Living Skills Trainer, New Britian, CT (Site 1)

Job Location

Published By

Human Resource

Type of Job

Part Time/Full Time - ILST

Published Date

February 18, 2022 at 4:30:00 PM

About the job

Independent Living Skills Trainers (ABI, ILST) are needed for several locations and hours.

Some of the examples of the ILST Services these individuals provide include:
Instruction and training in one or more areas of need to
enhance the participant’s ability to live independently at home.
• Implement strategies to address behavioral, medical or other needs
identified in the service plan
• Provide assistance with personal care or activities of daily living.
• Support the attainment of vocational goals.
• Provide training or practice in consumer skills (e.g., budgeting,
shopping, banking)

While assisting the client in living and staying within in the community.
All positions may require, but are not limited to; assistance with hygiene, bath/shower/toileting, housekeeping, cooking, running errands, pet care, and more. Each client has unique needs in order to be as independent as possible and to continue living within the community. All our services assure the client has as much independence as possible. Their individual needs may change as needed.

These individuals must have 2 years of experience working with ABI Waiver clients as a PCA, OR have a bachelor's degree or higher and have experience in homecare.


2 Years working with indiviuals on the ABI Waiving Program or a bachelors degree and experience in homecare or working with individuals with disabililites.


New Britain, CT, USA

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