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About Us:

Non-Medical Home Care Services

Need a little extra help or need 24/7 care assistance with everyday activities of daily living? Home care or community-based services may be the answer. Independence is important to help keep our integrity. However, sometimes a little extra help is needed to get us to where we want to be. Homecare & Community Based Services can help you stay at home, maintain a social life in the community and stay connected to family and friends. Homecare services help with an array of needs which includes, but not limited to cooking, cleaning, running errands and social activities, and much more.  We hope everyone can maintain a Positive Outlook on life and independence. 


Positive Outlooks, LLC. offers an array of home care services that are customized to each individual's needs and wants. We are a client-centered agency that works with our clients and their families to help them receive the best possible care.

Client-centered is defined by the act of responding and acting on the immediate needs and/or wants of our clients. Our clients take the active role in their care, and we adjust our services based accordingly.

Under our Companion & Homemaker Services Agency, we provide companion and homemaker services in compliance with the State of Connecticut. 

All of our clients are eligible for our fun activities, free paint nights, bus trips, family fun picnics, and more. We treat all of our clients, regardless of where they come from or what services they receive equally.



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