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What is Long Term Care? 


Long term care is care that is designed to meet a variety of personal and health care needs over an extended period of time. 

For the purpose of Positive Outlooks, LLC. training, our primary services focus is to support home care, homemaker services, community supports, companion services, case management, and other supports. We currently do not provide home health care supports. However, we do closely work with home health care providers to make sure a plan of care is closely followed while providing services. You may see these providers, such as nurses, OT, PT, and other professionals while you are in your clients' homes.  Watch this video to understand the basic premise of what the term "Long Term Care" means, and what it can include. 

What Kind of Services do

Home Care Providers Provide? 

Here are some, but not all of some of the tasks that help assist clients in their home, to help retain their independence. 

Keep in mind, that above all, as a caregiver, you are to build a professional working relationship with your client. Your client should feel comfort and safety around you. 

Companion Services: 
  • Socialization

  • Recreational Activities

  • Cooking/Meal Prep/Meal Planning

  • Assists in Dressing/Grooming and Minor Hygiene

  • Companionship

  • Supervision

  • Anti-Wandering Deterrence

  • Light Cleaning Duties (Wipe up, light sweep, etc.)

  • Runs simple Errands

  • Provides Transportation Services to doctors’ appointments as well as recreational and personal outings.

  • Assistance making calls, or providing minor secretary like duties.

Homemaker & Chore Services
  • Housekeeping

  • moderate dusting

  • mopping

  • sweeping

  • laundry

  • bed/linen care,

  • bathroom cleaning

  • errands

  • home tasks

These services may include transportation to shopping, doctors’ appointments, and other errands based on the scheduling demands of your clients. 

Personal Care Assistant (PCA)

Personal care services are non-medical hands-on services that include all the services of companions and homemakers, but also include hygiene services, bathing, toileting, and feeding. These services are for clients that need additional assistance with daily living or who are limited due to a disability or injury.

Live-in or Overnight Services

These services are best for companionship and supervision services. If a client cannot be left alone unsupervised for safety, wandering, or behavioral reasons, a live-in or overnight companion is recommended. This is the same services as stated above, but the live-in or overnight rate is reduced and a standard ‘Daily Rate’ is quoted. These services vary based on need.

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