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Caring for Clients with ABIs 

When an individual is one way one minute, and another way another minute, this can be a shock. This often happens after a brain injury such as a Stroke, aneurysm, or trauma. They may have been healthy, active individuals, fully engaged in their community, working, and seemingly out of nowhere, they are now relying on others to provide basic needs like feeding, grooming, and communication. 

It is important that we understand that our clients are people first and to treat them with the highest respect and dignity.  Often it is easy to think a brain injury means an individual loses their intelligence or is no longer able to be independent, and that is not the case. In fact, a speech impairment has no connection with one's intelligence for example.  Below learn different ways a brain injury can affect speech. 

How Aphasia Affects The Brain: 
Aphrasia- How to Speak to Clients:
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