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R.A.C.e Fire Safety

RACE: Remove, Alert, Confine and Extinguish or Evacuate

When you practice R.A.C.E. Model for fire safety you can save lives and protect yourself. 

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Remove yourself and your client from the dangerous situation immediately.  Find a spot away from harm's way for your client(s). Do not allow any clients to return back into the room, home or location. 

Fire Hoses


Quickly alert the authorities, sound an alarm, yell and make noise to get other people out of that situation. Fires at night can lead to many accidental deaths while people are sleeping. 

Smoke alarms are not 100% effective when not maintained.



Once the room or area has been cleared of patients, the door shall be closed, confining the fire. This enables the fire response team the time needed to arrive before fire spreads. 

Fire Extinguisher


Only when practical and safe, a fire extinguisher-trained individual may attempt to extinguish the fire. Do not attempt to extinguish large fires or fires that you are not trained for. 

Step 1. View Fire Safety Video

Below is a study guide to help provide an overview of causes for fire, fire safety, and information on protecting yourself and others. 

Step 2. View Utilizing Local Resources & Fire Emergencies Video

Below is a study guide to help you understand local fire resources and identify fire emergencies. 

Step 3. View Other Emergencies

Below is a study guide to help provide an overview of other emergencies, prevention and how to react.

Step 4. View Site Specific Plan Video

Below is a study guide to help provide an overview of the importance of understanding the fire plan for each location (apartment building, group home, in our office/training facilities, etc.). 

Step 5. View Practical Skills Video

Below is a study guide on practical skills on assisting in removing clients, using a fire extinguisher, and working with non-compliant clients. 

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