Set Your Own Personal Goals.

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Independent Living Skills Training

As defined by the State of Connecticut under the Acquired Brain Injury Waiver Program (ABI Waiver) Independent Living Skills Training  (ILST) is a teaching service designed and delivered to an individual or a group to improve an individual’s ability to live independently in the community and to carry out strategies developed in cognitive or behavioral programs.


An individual must be pre-approved for the ABI Waiver under the State of Connecticut Department of Social Services. Positive Outlooks, LLC. can not provide this service to anyone, not on the waiver(s) that is supported by our agency. In addition, Positive Outlooks, LLC. can not assist in the ABI waiver application process. Being on the waiver does not autonomically approve you for ILST services. Please speak to your case manager or options counselor about the pros and cons of using an agency to provide this service based on your needs and personal goals. 


Independent Living Skills Training may include but is not limited to the following:

  • Training in self-care

  • Medication management

  • Task completion

  • Interpersonal communication skills

  • Socialization skills

  • Sensory/motor skills

  • Mobility community transportation skills

  • Problem-solving skills

  • Money management skills

  • Household management skills

Independent Living Skills Training are non-medical provided in the individual’s home or community. These goals are devised by the individual, as a person center approach. For example, you may set a personal goal to get back to doing your own shopping. Your ILST will help work with you on finding transportation, building a grocery list, active shopping, and managing your pantry inventory. You may only need to work on only 1, 2 or all of those skills. Your plan will be developed with you based on your own individual needs, your goals, and your comfort level with your care manager from your access agency or your care planning team.

 ILST's are not occupational or physical therapists or in any way licensed to practice medicine to treat or diagnose illnesses or injuries. They are skilled home care providers with experience and years in the field with training to help teach you independent living skills.